[Nagiosplug-help] Help with passive checks

Jan Scholten Jan.Scholten at iconz.net
Wed Dec 15 12:23:05 CET 2004

Sebastian Rodriguez Guevara schrieb:
> Hi. I cannot set up the passive cheks. I pass the values to the nsca´s 
> daemon, but i can´t see it in the web's interfase. Should I specify some 
> particular settings in services.cfg, in order to read the data from 
> nagios.cmd? thanks you all.

Do you receive the Messages: do they appear in the nagios.cmd and the nagios.log?
Did you setup the hosts and services properly? You can only sent passive results for a service that 
exists and accepts passive checks.
External commands need to be activated!
check: http://yourhost/nagios/docs/passivechecks.html


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