[Nagiosplug-help] Check_SNMP Failure

Pete Shelfo PShelfo at embrex.com
Mon Jan 5 06:43:04 CET 2004

I found the problem.  My primary DNS server did not have the lookups in its
host table but the secondary did.  For some reason getting rid of the first
and letting the secondary become primary solved the problem.  Must have been
a timeout issue or something.

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On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Pete Shelfo wrote:

> I have configured a brand new install of Nagios 1.1 on Redhat Linux
> Enterprise Edition 3.0.  Everything was working with one Cisco device and
> Windows 2003 server.  Once I added another Windows 2003 server all of a
> sudden all my check_snmp services started bombing out and are coming back
> yellow with this warning:
> Status Problem: No date received from host.
> I ran check_snmp from the command line and it still worked on the original
> Windows 2003 server and then all of a sudden that died to.  The machines
> up and pingable and my another checks work just fine.  I use the latest of
> NSClient with no issues.  My check_snmp is working fine on the Cisco
> I added a third APC device and that worked for a little bit and then it
> died.

In these cases, I run a snmp-browser from the same machine as nagios is
running from, to verify the problem.

I personally use mbrowse (www.mbrowse.org), that needs the x11-client
libraries being installed.

I use a FreeBSD box here to monitor some cyclades console devices and a
couple of 2003 Servers, had no hassle with them, except with failures on
the software management agents under 2003 (misconfig on one server


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