[Nagiosplug-help] check_nt NSClient Socket Timeouts

Andre Bergei andre.bergei at ementor.no
Tue Jan 27 03:00:35 CET 2004

> On every Windows machine we try to monitor with this plugin, 
> we get "Socket timeout after 10 seconds" in the status 
> information window. 

 Include an example of your check_command and a service template entry
for nsclient,
 also try to telnet a remote nsclient machine on port 1248 from the
nagios server , and see if it connects. 
 If telnet connect fails, type
 netstat -an
 in a cmd shell on the win nsclient machine.
 Make sure you find this line; 
 TCP               LISTENING
 if not, your client may not be running, or configured to run on a
another port. 

 Read page 18 in this document for a nice howto on nsclient:


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