[Nagiosplug-help] Syntax Question for NRPE in services.cfg

carole verdon verdon at cict.fr
Fri Jun 25 01:13:28 CEST 2004

Try this:

check_command		check_nrpe!1248!check_disk1


L. Mark Stone wrote:

>I'm trying to use NRPE 2 to monitor a remote Linux host, but am having 
>problems with the syntax for doing so in the services.cfg file on the 
>Nagios host.
>I believe I have configured NRPE on both the Nagios server (called 
>"inside") and the monitored host (at because I can run 
>check_nrpe at a root command prompt from the Nagios host successfully, 
>calling custom commands that exist only on the monitored host, and 
>returning information for devices that exist on the monitored host and 
>not on the Nagios monitoring server.
>Both the Nagios server and the monitored host are running SuSE Linux 
>9.0, and both are running the exact same version of nrpe.
>If I run the following on the Nagios monitoring server:
>inside:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins # ./check_nrpe - H -p 1248 -c 
>I get back:
>DISK OK [3172228 kB (30%) free on /dev/sda5]
>But when I try to use the check_nrpe command in services.cfg, I get 
>I've tried:
>check_command		check_nrpe!check_disk1
>check_command		check_nrpe! -H -p 1248 -c check_disk1
>Clearly, I'm missing something fundamental about the syntax for using 
>check_nrpe in services.cfg.

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