[Nagiosplug-help] HP-UX Plugin!?

lennart.kvam at softronic.se lennart.kvam at softronic.se
Thu Dec 22 14:36:05 CET 2005

Hi all!
We are running a HP-UX 11.00 enviroment! 
I`m running nagios 2.0b6 on a redhat 9 box!
I can't get any plugin to work on any hp-ux machines, i`v tried nrpe-2.0, wont complie!
tried nrpe-1.8-B.11.00.depot , misses the nrpe.cfg , then i tried using an nrpe.cfg from nrpe-1[1].8-B.11.00.tar, then the syslog.log reports: Dec 22 15:50:47  nrpe[2784]: Config file '/opt/nrpe/bin/nrpe.cfg' contained errors, bailing out... 
Can someone help me??? please!!!
isnt there any package that contains a plugin for hp-ux11.00 and a check_xxx for linux! 
Remember that i`m  just e newbee on thees things:-)
Lennart Kvam 
Softronic AB, Ringvägen 100, 118 60 Stockholm 
Tel: 0708-813279  Vx:08-51909000 
lennart.kvam at softronic.se 
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