[Nagiosplug-help] 1.4 Plugin problem with NRPE

Steven Kendall steven at kendall-net.com
Tue Feb 8 18:45:10 CET 2005

Is anyone else having problems with the 1.4 plugins with NRPE?

I am using NRPE version
NRPE - Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
Copyright (c) 1999-2003 Ethan Galstad (nagios at nagios.org)
Version: 2.0 
Last Modified: 09-08-2003

When I run the check_nrpe command I get Unable to read output.

./check_nrpe -H pita -p 5666 -c check_disk
NRPE: Unable to read output

When I run check_disk locally on my machine they run ok.

So far from what I can tell this only happens on the plugins that return
Performance statistics with the results.   All Perl or Shell plugins work

The first output is the 1.3.1 plugins and the second is the 1.4

./libexec/check_disk -w 1% -c 1% -m -p /
DISK OK [4552993 kB (50%) free on /]

./libexec-new/check_disk -w 1% -c 1% -m -p /
DISK OK - free space: / 4446 MB (50%);| /=4410MB;8767;8767;0;8856

I am not certain but I believe nrpe is not handling the pipe correctly.

I am only getting the unable to read output on the 1.4 plugins with the Pipe
and then Performance stats.


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