[Nagiosplug-help] NRPE_NT

Curt Shaffer cshaffer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 04:28:00 CEST 2005

I am trying to run a series of vbscripts on a windows host that are
utilizing WMI. The plugins are part of the wmi agentless plugins category at
nagiosexchange.org. I get NRPE_NT: Client request was invalid, bailing out
and NRPE_NT:Error: request packet had invalid CRC32 in the Event log of the
Windows box. The scripts run fine on the Windows box but not from the nagios
host. Here are my configs:


>From the services.cfg


define service{

        use                                 generic-service
<mailto:gmeisenheimer at itgroundwork.com> 

        host_name                      melly
        service_description       CPU
        is_volatile                     0
        check_period                 24x7
        max_check_attempts      3
        normal_check_interval  5
        retry_check_interval      1
        contact_groups               windows
        notification_interval       120
        notification_period         24x7
        notification_options        c,r
        check_command              check_wmi_cpu!80!90!administrator

>From  checkcommands.cfg:



# nagios-wmi-cpu check command definition
define command {
                command_name                    check_wmi_cpu
                command_line                    $USER1$/check_nrpe -H
2 -c check_cpu_auth -a $HOSTADDRESS$ $ARG1$ $ARG2$ $ARG3$ $USER9$


And $USER9$ is set it resources.cfg as the administrator password. I know
that is dangerous and it will be changed to a better user, this if for
testing only ;) 

And here is the NRPE_NT config:




# Address that nrpe should bind to in case there are more than one interface

# and you do not want nrpe to bind on all interfaces.











command[stop_service]=net stop "$ARG1$"

command[start_service]=net start "$ARG1$"


#Product Engineering Tools

command[show_drives]=cscript.exe //nologo //T:60
c:\nrpe_nt\wmi_show_drives.vbs "$ARG1$"

command[show_services]=cscript.exe //nologo //T:60
c:\nrpe_nt\wmi_show_service_info.vbs "$ARG1$"

command[restartnrpe]=cmd.exe /c c:\nrpe_nt\restart_nrpe.cmd


#Windows Monitors

command[wmi_service]=cscript.exe                                //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_service_todd.vbs "$ARG1$" "$ARG2$"

//nologo //T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_service.vbs -h $ARG1$ "$ARG2$" "$ARG3$"

command[wmi_cpu]=cscript.exe                                     //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_cpu.vbs  -h $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$

command[wmi_cpu_auth]=cscript.exe                             //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_cpu.vbs  -h $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$ -user "$ARG4"
-pass "$ARG5"

//nologo //T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mem.vbs  -h $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$

command[wmi_mem_auth]=cscript.exe                           //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mem.vbs  -h $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$ -user "$ARG4" -pass

//nologo //T:60 c:\nrpe_nt\wmi_disk.vbs -h $ARG1$ -d $ARG2$ -w $ARG3$ -c

command[wmi_disk_auth]=cscript.exe                            //nologo
//T:60 c:\nrpe_nt\wmi_disk.vbs -h $ARG1$ -d $ARG2$ -w $ARG3$ -c $ARG4$ -user
"$ARG5$" -pass "$ARG6"

//nologo //T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_swap.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$"

command[wmi_swap_auth]=cscript.exe                           //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_swap.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$"
-pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_printque]=cscript.exe                               //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_printque.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$"

//nologo //T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_printque.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c
"$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"


#Exchange Monitors

command[wmi_exchange_mbox_receiveq]=cscript.exe                 //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_mailbox_receiveq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$"
-c "$ARG3$"

command[wmi_exchange_mbox_receiveq_auth]=cscript.exe         //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_mailbox_receiveq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c
"$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_exchange_mbox_sendq]=cscript.exe                    //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_mailbox_sendq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c

command[wmi_exchange_mbox_sendq_auth]=cscript.exe            //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_mailbox_sendq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c
"$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_exchange_pub_receiveq]=cscript.exe                    //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_public_receiveq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$"
-c "$ARG3$"

command[wmi_exchange_pub_receiveq_auth]=cscript.exe            //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_public_receiveq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$"
-c "$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_exchange_pub_sendq]=cscript.exe                       //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_public_sendq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c

command[wmi_exchange_pub_sendq_auth]=cscript.exe   //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_public_sendq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c
"$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_exchange_mta_workq]=cscript.exe                       //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_mta_workq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c

command[wmi_exchange_mta_workq_auth]=cscript.exe   //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_exchange_mta_workq.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$"
-user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"


#MsSQL Monitors

command[wmi_mssql_buf_cache_hit]=cscript.exe                        //nologo
//T:60   C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_buf_cache_hit.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c

command[wmi_mssql_buf_cache_hit_auth]=cscript.exe    //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_buf_cache_hit.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$"
-user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_mssql_latch_waits]=cscript.exe                //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_latch_waits.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$"

command[wmi_mssql_latch_waits_auth]=cscript.exe                    //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_latch_waits.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c
"$ARG3$" -user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_mssql_lock_wait_time]=cscript.exe                      //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_lock_wait_time.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c

command[wmi_mssql_lock_wait_time_auth]=cscript.exe  //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_lock_wait_time.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -w "$ARG2$" -c "$ARG3$"
-user "$ARG4$" -pass "$ARG5$"

command[wmi_mssql_log_growth]=cscript.exe                //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_log_growth.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -d "$ARG2$" -w "$ARG3$" -c

command[wmi_mssql_log_growth_auth]=cscript.exe                    //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_log_growth.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -d "$ARG2$" -w
"$ARG3$" -c "$ARG4$" -user "$ARG5$" -pass "$ARG6$"

//nologo //T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_log_used.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -d "$ARG2$"
-w "$ARG3$" -c "$ARG4$"

command[wmi_mssql_log_used_auth]=cscript.exe                       //nologo
//T:60 C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_log_used.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -d "$ARG2$" -w
"$ARG3$" -c "$ARG4$" -user "$ARG5$" -pass "$ARG6$"

command[wmi_mssql_transactions]=cscript.exe              //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_transactions.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -d "$ARG2$" -w "$ARG3$"
-c "$ARG4$"

command[wmi_mssql_transactions_auth]=cscript.exe      //nologo //T:60
C:\nrpe_nt\wmi_mssql_transactions.vbs  -h "$ARG1$" -d "$ARG2$" -w "$ARG3$"
-c "$ARG4$" -user "$ARG5$" -pass "$ARG6$"


If you need any other information please let me know. I would be happy to
provide it. I am running Nagios on FreeBSD 5.3 and the NRPE_NT I have tried
on Windows 2003 server with no firewall and XP Pro with no firewall. Same
issue on both. 





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