EOT: Re: [Nagiosplug-help] Helprequest about Plugin Return Codes

Hendrik Baecker b00mer at gmx.net
Tue Jun 28 05:56:40 CEST 2005


before closing:

Thanks a lot to Andreas for giving me some hints where to go.

I know with some more time in reading and study I should got the way by

So again: Many flowers to Andreas and the other good guys wich are
developing in Nagios.

Andreas Ericsson schrieb:

> Hendrik Baecker wrote:
>> Hi Andreas,
>> sorry to disturb yourself directly. But I think it is quiet not good to
>> post my trash to the list.
> Please don't. I don't run a free programmers education by email, and I
> have neither time nor inclination to offer free support.
>> My problem is of following nature: We have two nagios boxes, one as
>> master one as slave (notifications and checks disabled). I want to check
>> the alive status of the master from the slave with a better tool than
>> our quick and dirty shell script which only pings the master, writes
>> error files, checks them and than set an external command to enable
>> checks and noti's on the backup.
>> 7 Years ago I loved programming in C in School. Now I want to get back
>> to my secrect favorite and write some little tools in C for our Nagios.
>> Therefor I thought I can begin with writing some code to execute the
>> check_nrpe hiring to our master server get the alive status and decide
>> to enable the backup system or not.
>> My little program just, as you assumed, popen()s the check_nrpe prints
>> out the plugin output and after this I get an Integer out of:
> Why not let Nagios run check_nrpe by itself? It's what it does, you
> know, and it does it properly as well.
>>     exitcode = pclose(nrpepipe);
>> and this var exitcode is the unshifted unmasked exitcode you mentionend.
> exitcode = pclose(nrpepipe);
> if(WIFEXITED(exitcode))
>     exitcode = WEXITSTATUS(exitcode);
> else { /* handle the system error */ }
>> As far as my "C buggy Brain" remembers it couldn't be possible to see
>> the unmasked unshifted exitcode, or am I missing something?
> You're obviously missing something. Incidentally, you're missing
> exactly what I told you before, which is just a tad annoying; You need
> to use the WEXITSTATUS() macro when using popen() from C. If you still
> don't understand why then I suggest you get some good books on novice
> C programming, read /usr/include/bits/waitstatus.h and grok the
> man-pages and kernel-sources concerning the execve(2) system call. The
> kernel-sources from any OS and/or version should do, since its
> behaviour has more or less been written in stone since 1983.
>> Btw: I am not working with any kind of the headers out from the plugins.
> That doesn't matter in the slightest. You'll need to include
> <sys/wait.h> though, or the macro won't be defined (<sys/wait.h>
> includes <bits/waitstatus.h> and re-names and properly casts the end
> user macros).

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