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guillaume LOHEZ guillaume.lohez at linagora.com
Mon May 2 02:54:10 CEST 2005

$HOSTADDRESS$ is an internal variable of Nagios which contains the
address of current host....

So if you command definission is like that:
define command{
      command_name    check_dns
      command_line    $USER1$/check_dns -H www.yahoo.com -s $HOSTADDRESS$
and your service difinition:
define service{
      use                                     generic-service
      host_name                         SERVICE_CHECK_DNS
      service_description          Verification des DNS
      is_volatile                          0
      check_period                    24x7
      max_check_attempts        3
      normal_check_interval     3
      retry_check_interval         1
      contact_groups                 admin_X
      notification_interval         120
      notification_period           24x7
      notification_options         w,u,c,r
      check_command               check_dns

Nagios will send the IP address of current host to check_dns..... i
think, that's what you want ??
And anyway the variable "IP" you use in your definition command doesn't
exist in Nagios.


PS: it seems, you have some problems with english..... I think, you have
to find a french Mailing list for Nagios !!
I'm french too.... but this is an English ML....

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