[Nagiosplug-help] How do i check dhcpd running on remote host]

albeni01 at luther.edu albeni01 at luther.edu
Wed Nov 16 22:07:00 CET 2005

If you want to just check to make sure that the daemon is running you
could use the check_procs plugin on the server, with an argument of dhcpd
or something similar which will catch the daemon running.  I am not sure
off the top of my head what -(character) it is for checking for a specific
process, --help will tell you.

Another way to check to see if the daemon is running is to write a simple
perl script, that calls ps aux | grep dhcp | grep -v grep | grep -v (the
plugin name), which returns an appropriate state.

I have used both of these methods through nrpe, just add another command
to the npre command file.

Hope this helps some,

Can any one suggest how do I check the dhcpd running on the remote host? 
I have tried it with the check_dhcp standard plugins, but could not get 
any response.  Is it possible from standard check_dhcp, or do I need to 
go for  check by ssh  or some other things. I would be grateful if you  
kindly suggest me the way to do it or  provide some reference  about it.

best regds,

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