[Nagiosplug-help] How do i check dhcpd running on remote host

rajendra at subisu.net.np rajendra at subisu.net.np
Thu Nov 17 01:41:03 CET 2005

I have my client (where nagios is installed) on different subnet than that
of the dhcpd server. However, the dhcpd server is reachable. As it is not
on the same boradcast domain there is no way the dhcpd server gets the
broadcast request from the client. I guess, it wont work with the standard
Is anyone checking the dhcp server running on the separate subnet?


> Rajendra Adhikari wrote:
>> Can any one suggest how do I check the dhcpd running on the remote host?
>> I have tried it with the check_dhcp standard plugins, but could not get
>> any responce.  Is it possible from standard check_dhcp, or do I need to
>> go for  check by ssh  or some other things. I would be grateful if you
>> kindly suggest me the way to do it or  provide some reference  about it.
> DHCP can only be checked for remote hosts (so far). The DHCP client
> sends broadcasts to communicate with the server (it has to, since the
> DHCP server will assign the IP), which means you can't check a DHCP
> server on a different subnet.
> I've tried hacking up a patch for that. You can try using the check_dhcp
> found in the plugins-package at http://oss.op5.se/nagios
> Read the --help output (or possibly the source-code). I don't remember
> what options you need to specify off-hand.
> Oh, and let me know if it works. :)
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