[Nagiosplug-help] How do i check dhcpd running on remote host

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Thu Nov 17 01:52:01 CET 2005

rajendra at subisu.net.np wrote:
> I have my client (where nagios is installed) on different subnet than that
> of the dhcpd server. However, the dhcpd server is reachable. As it is not
> on the same boradcast domain there is no way the dhcpd server gets the
> broadcast request from the client. I guess, it wont work with the standard
> plugins.

No it won't (unless Sean pulled in the dhcp-relay thingie from me). 
That's why I suggested trying the check_dhcp plugin from the package at 
http://oss.op5.se/nagios since it's supposed to be able to do this 
(provided your dhcp-server accepts relayed requests, which I think is 
impossible to turn off).

> Is anyone checking the dhcp server running on the separate subnet?

We have a customer that does. The patch originally came from them. I 
only modified it to make it accept arguments for the dhcp-server and such.

> regds,
> Rajen.
>>Rajendra Adhikari wrote:
>>>Can any one suggest how do I check the dhcpd running on the remote host?
>>>I have tried it with the check_dhcp standard plugins, but could not get
>>>any responce.  Is it possible from standard check_dhcp, or do I need to
>>>go for  check by ssh  or some other things. I would be grateful if you
>>>kindly suggest me the way to do it or  provide some reference  about it.
>>DHCP can only be checked for remote hosts (so far). The DHCP client
>>sends broadcasts to communicate with the server (it has to, since the
>>DHCP server will assign the IP), which means you can't check a DHCP
>>server on a different subnet.
>>I've tried hacking up a patch for that. You can try using the check_dhcp
>>found in the plugins-package at http://oss.op5.se/nagios
>>Read the --help output (or possibly the source-code). I don't remember
>>what options you need to specify off-hand.
>>Oh, and let me know if it works. :)
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