Antwort: Re: [Nagiosplug-help] Tracking down pthread/check_dns problem on CentOS4 w/ 1.4.2 plugins.

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Wed Nov 30 00:52:05 CET 2005

nagiosplug-help-admin at schrieb am 28.11.2005 

> Someone else had already pointed CentOS so the CVS version of 
> has this:
> dnl Check for Redhat spopen problem
> dnl Wierd problem where ECHILD is returned from a wait call in error
> dnl Only appears to affect nslookup and dig calls. Only affects 
> redhat around
> dnl 2.6.9-11 (okay in 2.6.9-5). Redhat investigating root cause
> dnl We patch plugins/popen.c
> dnl Need to add smp because uname different on those. May need to check
> dnl Fedora Core too in future
> if echo $ac_cv_uname_r | egrep "\.EL(smp)?$" >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
> So this should catch your system.

I's suggest just making it a ./configure option, like
configure --enable-redhat-pthread-workaround. Especially as
there are loads of different RedHat derivates out there and
some people might even compile their own kernel (for whatever
reason) breaking the naming conventions of RedHat. And then
there are people who already have a patched kernel and don't
want that fix running ;)

Maybe make configure print out a warning when it thinks it
detected a redhat system, that --enable-redhat-pthread-workaround
"might" be a good idea.


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