[Nagiosplug-help] Nagios + Gnokii

Marlo Bell BELLMR at ldschurch.org
Thu Dec 7 17:27:13 CET 2006

Are you getting any error messages. Just looking at it the semi-colons may be
causing the problem because the shell will interpret them as the end of the
command. Just a thought

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Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 2:32 AM
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Subject: [Nagiosplug-help] Nagios + Gnokii

Hello List....

I have installed Nagios on my Redhat 9 machine and it is working like a
charm. Also I have installed Gnokii on my system and I have been sending SMS
messages via 

echo "hello" | gnokii --sendsms "the cellphone number"
Up to this point everything seems to work, but when I try to send sms via
Nagios it seems to fail.  

I have followed the instructions that was given from the nagios and cant
figure out as to why I am getting such errors

<<<< the information I have followed from nagios site >>>>

#Nagios command obj
# 'host-notify-by-gnokii' command definition
define command{
command_name host-notify-by-gnokii
command_line /opt/nagios/bin/sms_notification_by_gnokki $CONTACTPAGER$
"Nagios Host Alert \n\n $HOSTALIAS$ is $HOSTSTATE$; $OUTPUT$; $DATETIME$"

send sms example script:
# Gnokii Plugin script
# (c) Horst venzke
# v 0.1 - 17.01.2004

echo $mess | gnokii --sendsms $number

Can some one help me with this issue.


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