[Nagiosplug-help] check_http...help required

Danish danish.siddiqui at hovservices.com
Sat May 27 16:20:15 CEST 2006

I have installed nagios-2.3.1..Im monitoring a http server (apache) in a 
remote machine....
Iv defines my hosts.cfg in the following way..
define host{
        host_name                                 devp46
        alias                                          suman
        check_command                           check-host-alive
        check_command                           check_pgsql
        check_command                           check_http
        max_check_attempts                      3
        check_period                            allthetime
        contact_groups                          linux-admin-group
        notification_interval                   10
        notification_period                     allthetime
        notification_options                    d,u,r
and the services.cfg file in the following way.
define service{
        host_name                                       devp46
        service_description                             httpd status
        check_command                                   check_http
        max_check_attempts                              2
        normal_check_interval                           3
        retry_check_interval                            2
        check_period                                    allthetime
        notification_interval                           10
        notification_period                             allthetime
        notification_options                            w,u,c,r
        contact_groups                                  linux-admin-group

but i get the error
httpd status 


	WARNING 	05-23-2006 16:29:26 	0d 0h 33m 49s 	2/2 	HTTP WARNING: 
HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden 

All the other services running on that machine are reporting no such 
problem...I have cerated a user nagios and added it to the groups apache 
( under which the http server is running ) ....
Can anyone please help......


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