[Nagiosplug-help] e-mail from http://nagiosplugins.org is not working

Ton Voon ton.voon at altinity.com
Tue Jun 3 13:05:30 CEST 2008

Hi Sergei.

On 3 Jun 2008, at 03:16, Sergei Haramundanis wrote:

> I have tried registering and resetting my password and I never  
> receive any
> mail.

Yes, I've just tried and I haven't received an email either. Benoit,  
can you look into this please?

> I need to report a bug in nrpe 2.12 where it does not build on  
> Solaris 10
> because it uses the wrong syslog vars and I have not been able to find
> another suitable forum to report this.

That is best reported in the nagios-users mailing list, which is  
documented here: http://nagiosplugins.org/support

There have been some mention about this before (specifically something  
about syslog facilities not available in solaris), so I would search  
the mailing lists first.


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