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> I am setting up check_snmp to work with a snmp monitor (basically 
> monitoring a monitoring server) and I finally got the correct 
> command to get a response, but I have no idea what is normal ranges 
> to add it to the warning and critical thresholds… 

Well, that obviously depends on _what_ you are checking with SNMP :)

> Here is an example:
> -sh-3.1$ ./check_snmp -H -o .(OID String) -C public -P 
> 2c -w 50 -c 1
> SNMP CRITICAL - *9483* | iso.(OID String)=9483
> Now I randomly picked numbers for the critical and warning 
> Thresholds, however what is a more realistic number?  Or better yet,
> how do I determine that number?

As already mentioned before - it's up to you to figure out what's normal
for that snmp query. SNMP can query the world and a half different things.
I use a lot of SNMP to check temperature and humidity in our datacenters.
Obviously I cannot use the same threshholds for them, as humidity can
raise to 50-60 and temperature really should not go that high ;)


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