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"Araripe Moreira" <subover at gmail.com> schrieb am 02.10.2008 19:44:02:

> I am using check_oracle plug in to monitor some of the oracle database
> service in my network. But this is reporting the following error:
> nagios at srvh410k:/opt/nagios/libexec> ./check_nrpe -H  -c 
> No TNS Listener on JCMA
> when I execute this command on the machine where nagios plug in  is 
> nagios at srvh410k:/opt/nagios/libexec> ./check_oracle --tns JCMA --db
> prod --login oracle
> OK - reply time 890 msec from JCMA

What does 'set | grep ORA' give? Do you have the ORACLE_HOME set as nagios
user? If not - does /etc/oratab contain the path to the orahome of the 
One of those needs to be true at least, I only use the oratab entry for

Does your tnsnames.ora contain a valid connector for JCMA?
Since it works from the commandline - it seems so, but you'll never 


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