[Nagiosplug-help] execute cygwin bash script on WIN 2003 with check_nrpe

Rick Garland Rick.Garland at quantum.com
Tue Feb 3 05:13:33 CET 2009

Yes, here I am again.


Nagios 3.x on CentOS


I have the NRPE-NT working and I can use check_nrpe and get a response
of the test.cmd script that is included in the download.

check_nrpe -H <hostname> -c check_hallo

And it works fine when I put it into nagios for checking as well.



I write my scripts in UN*X shell and I run the script under cygwin. From
the cygwin command line my custom script works fine.

If I try to run it from a DOS window it is not an internal command, it
is not recognized. So when I use the check_nrpe against it I get
"NRPE_NT failed to create process, exiting..."


How can I have a UN*X shell script, that runs under cygwin, run under
the NRPE_NT process.


The script is a short simple script - no warnings or critical alerts
needed. Just going to keep track and the usage of scratch tapes within



export PATH

NUM=vmquery -b -pn Scratch | awk '{if (($5 != "-")) print $0 | sed
'1,3d' | wc -l

echo "Number of scratch tapes = $NUM"


I will add the WARN/CRIT & stats collection for graphing once I get this


The services.cfg entry is;

            define service{

                        use                               ADEN

                        host_name                    backup_server

                        service_description         NBU SCRATCH TAPES

                        check_command           check_nrpe!check_scratch

                        check_period                 24x7

                        max_check_attempts     3

                        notification_interval         480

                        notification_period          workhours

                        notification_options        w,c,u

                        contact_groups              Denver



The commands.cfg is;

            define command{

                        command_name            scratch

                        command_line               $USER1$/check_scratch
-H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C 'e:\cygwin\bin\bash -l check_scratch'



>From a CMD window on the WIN 2003 serverI can execute e:\cygwin\bin\bash
-l check_scratch and get the result. But I am going bonkers trying to
make it work within nagios.


Many thanks




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