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To give you a framework to consider while you are reviewing the cited documention, here is some food for thought.
Using template functionality, you "inherit" values define "above you" when you define services, hosts, etc.
As such, to change an inherited value (like the check interval you are interested in changing), you can do it by:
  1. "upstream" templates by:
          a. creating your own template based on the standard one and set the desired, or
          b. modify the shipped template, or
  2. Overriding it in the individual service definition.
I would suspect that 1.b. is the "worst" option.  Depending on how many other things you may want to check at that frequency, 1.a. is probably the best "long term options.   Option 2. is the quickest and easiest.
StewartStewart St. Dennis
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Subject: Re: [Nagiosplug-help] service check interval> I have done some extensive searching but cannot find a definitive answer,
> Is there no way to say check this service every x minutes? I want to check
> http every 1 minute lets say, my service definition looks like:
> define service {
> use generic-service
> host_name nrpe2.webcomand.com
> service_description VARNISH Port 80
> check_command check_nrpe!check_varnish
> }
> Do I Just need to put an argument in somewhere? Thanks.
Look at the documentation for services:http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/objectdefinitions.html#service
The interesting bit you're seeking is 'check_interval'.  If the
above is your service definition in its entirety, it is defined
in your 'generic-service' template.
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