[Nagiosplug-help] check_http command

Nicolas Bardier nicolasb.info at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 01:59:59 CEST 2011


I have setup some medium sized plain nagios sites these last few
Tipically, I setup as many checks as possible, from things as ping to a
bit elaborated nrpe setups in remote hosts.

briefly, I have a http server wich has an app in /app1 . In order to
proceed to http://<server1>/app1 , the site app1 has ldap auth. The
problem is that the http service check for server1 is flapping
constantly according to nagios automatic checks, but:

1) I am quite sure the service IS NOT actually flapping, i've checked
http logs in server1 , and all is fine.

2) When running from command line the same check that nagios is
configured to run, i allways get an OK status.

The service command i'm running is this one:

<path to nagios plgins dir>/check_http -H '$HOSTADDRESS$' -t20 -a
user:pass -u /app1

My best guess is that check_http might be buggy, or that somehow i've
got to change some nagios-wide timeout.


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