Monitoring disk usage with check_disk

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Mon Jan 22 20:28:41 CET 2018


My name is Jason and I am a Dev Ops engineer trying to configure nagios core (version 4.3.4) to monitor several servers, most of which are using ubuntu 16.04. I have 1 server running windows 10 server edition as well. My problem is when i run the check_disk command, it always returns the same value from every single on of the servers, which is:

DISK OK - free space: / 52698 MB (94% inode=95%):

in each of my server cfg files the check command is set up like this:

check_command                   check_local_disk!22%!10%!

Do i need to change something in the cfg file, or something in the way the nsclient agent is set up?

Any help is appreciated,



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