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Dear Monitoring Plugins Development Team,

I use your check_snmp (v2.2) Plugin a lot with WürthPhonenix Neteye 4 (based on Icinga2).

I often have devices which respond with multistate integers [0 1 2 3 4]. The values have different meanings like:

0 = 10 Mbit/s HD; 1 = 10 Mbit/s FD; 2 = 100 Mbit/s HD; 3 = 100 Mbit/s FD; 4 = 1 GBit/s

These values trigger no alarm but are very useful to have.

[Other examples are OS Type ecc.]

When requesting this OID with check_snmp and uning the -l Argument -l 'Port Speed:' I get following output:

SNMP OK - Port Speed: 4

Is there any possibility to convert the numeric output "4" to "1 GBit/s" with ad additional argument?

I read that there is the -m argument, but do not precisely know how to use it.

Many thanks and best regards!

Christian Canal

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