[Nagiosplug-help] Checking for a process

Voon, Ton Ton.Voon at egg.com
Thu Jan 30 05:34:02 CET 2003

Now that I've seen it, I think the concept of range is very useful.

I'm not sure about the max:min idea though. For instance, someone has
requested that ranges include negative numbers for snmp checks and here max
will be smaller than min, but is it reversed?

What about as a flag, say -r, which means that the ranges are reversed so
that the warning is raised if inside the range. The last paragraph can
explain ranges and the -r option is for someone to search for. I believe
this will make it clearer. A 1.4 change?

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> On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 05:47, Voon, Ton wrote:
> > David,
> > 
> > I'm looking at the help now and I don't fully understand it either:
> I wrote it, so blame goes to me.
> 1) range refers to range of acceptable values, anything outside the
> range generates an error
> 2) range is specified min:max
> 3) if you specify max:min, then everything inside the range is critical.
> When I first created the concept of ranges (for check_snmp, IIRC) there
> seemed a strong reason that you had to specify the acceptable range in
> default usage. I don't remember the logic. Perhaps it only survives in
> long-lost archives.
> Of course, changing now would be rather painful anyway, so it's probably
> moot.
> Anyway, the help text tries to say items 1 thru 3 above. Can the list
> suggest improvements?
> > <quote>
> > check_snmp (nagios-plugins 1.3.0-beta2) 1.5
> > The nagios plugins come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You may
> redistribute
> > copies of the plugins under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
> > For more information about these matters, see the file named COPYING.
> > Copyright (c) 1999-2002 Ethan Galstad <nagios at nagios.org>
> > 
> > Check the number of currently running processes and generates WARNING or
> > CRITICAL states if the process count is outside the specified threshold
> > ranges. The process count can be filtered by process owner, parent
> process
> > PID, current state (e.g., 'Z'), or may be the total number of running
> > processes
> > 
> > Usage:
> >  check_procs -w <range> -c <range> [-s state] [-p ppid] [-u user]
> >              [-a argument-array] [-C command]
> >  check_procs --version
> >  check_procs --help
> > 
> > Required Arguments:
> >  -w, --warning=RANGE
> >     generate warning state if process count is outside this range
> >  -c, --critical=RANGE
> >     generate critical state if process count is outside this range
> > 
> > Optional Filters:
> >  -s, --state=STATUSFLAGS
> >     Only scan for processes that have, in the output of `ps`, one or
> >     more of the status flags you specify (for example R, Z, S, RS,
> >     RSZDT, plus others based on the output of your 'ps' command).
> >  -p, --ppid=PPID
> >     Only scan for children of the parent process ID indicated.
> >  -u, --user=USER
> >     Only scan for proceses with user name or ID indicated.
> >  -a, --argument-array=STRING
> >     Only scan for ARGS that match up to the length of the given STRING
> >  -C, --command=COMMAND
> >     Only scan for exact matches to the named COMMAND.
> > 
> > RANGEs are specified 'min:max' or 'min:' or ':max' (or 'max'). If
> > specified 'max:min', a warning status will be generated if the
> > count is inside the specified range
> > </quote>
> > 
> > I'll get the program name at the top fixed ;-)
> > 
> > I think the final paragraph is the confusing one. I think the
> corrections
> > should be "If specified 'min:max'" and "outside the specified range".
> > 
> > What would you want it to read?
> > 
> > Ton
> > 

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