[Nagiosplug-help] Plugin for Lotus Domino?

Jo ml at winfix.IT
Mon Jun 6 06:46:31 CEST 2005

Ralph Seichter wrote:

>Jo wrote:
>>I just check whether the Notes service is still running on the
>>Windows box.
>Sorry, I think I should have been more specific. I run Domino and
>Nagios on Server A (Linux). On this server, I check for the presence
>of relevant Domino processes. However, I also want Server A to check
>if Domino is alive on Server B, which does not run Nagios. The only
>test so far is to query TCP port 1352. I am looking for a plugin
>which uses the Domino libraries on Server A to try to establish a
>Notes RPC session to Server B.
I understood. I was merely saying we use NRPE to check whether the 
service is active. Over here the only reason Notes was dead so far, was 
its service being dead, so it's fairly reliable. Of course, our Notes 
servers are not under a very heavy load. Sorry I couldn't help out. I am 
under the impression a Notes RPC checker is not available, so you would 
have to write one yourself. It can't be that hard if you try with Python 
or Perl.

Here are some pointers that may be of help:


This one could be combined into the check_email_loop plugin. It's even 
possible to let Notes function as a POP3 server and check that... or you 
could check its SMTP functionality.



Then maybe these examples don't help at all since they are for a totally 
unrelated Windows Scripting Language. In that case, sorry.

Anyway, since you're running Notes on Linux, may I ask you which 
distribution you use for that? I would love to hear it is Mandriva, but 
it probably isn't.



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