[Nagiosplug-help] Service Status Details output filtering?

Chris pretocj2 at staff.intekom.com
Mon Aug 7 15:19:49 CEST 2006


We use Nagios to monitor all our hosts etc... As sysadmin we go on standby to attend to problems after hours.

In our organisation, we have another team, called operators, using Nagios to monitor our environment, they call the standby
person if a critical alarm is raised on nagios. The process is for the operator is to acknowledge the critical event and add a comment etc...

The problem comes that acknowledged events still gets displayed in the Service Status Details screen. This makes it difficult for the operator 
to recognise new critical events, or the standby person gets called over and over for events allready acknowledged.

We have another team with us that builds solutions in out environment, They have been pushing for hobbit to be implemented as 
monitoring tool in our environment. I have put a valiant fight against their intensions, purely for the reason that I trust nagios more and 
on numerous occasions I proved nagios to be way more effective with the monitoring results, but these guys still persist. Their latest argument
is that with hobbit a critical service can be acknowledged and it will not display in the problem view screen.

I tried so far unsuccessfully to do add a acknowledged next to critical in the Service Status Totals table on the Service Status Totals screen,
this way you can still view the acknowledged problems and new critical problems that may happen, maybe even add another column for services 
scheduled for downtime,

Maybe there is a better solution someone can tell me about that allready been developed.
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