[Nagiosplug-help] check_snmp: SNMPv3 + authPriv: Best place to specify the password?

Thomas Karcher thkarcher at gmx.de
Sun Jan 8 15:30:49 CET 2006


as I mentioned in my message before, I'm monitoring over the Internet
and therefore I use SNMPv3 with authPriv.

Everything works fine, nagios with check_snmp works well. But one thing
is not very nice: With SNMPv3 with authPriv, there are passwords.

What's the best place to specify the password in the nagios

Because: If I don't want to have a common user and transport password
for all monitored hosts, I have to specify for each host and for each
service a check command that includes the password. The other
possibility is to pass the password as a parameter from services.cfg -
but both possibilities result in specifying a host depending password
very often at different places ...
(Am I asking this on the right list?)

Thanks for your hints,
best regards,

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